Thursday, August 30, 2007

spam in my email

recently i have received lots of unwanted mails in my yahoo in box, too numerous to count.
they are from different people, different organisation, different sender.
some claims to be from irish or british national lottery or mexican national lottery, but the message is the same, a winning notification that my email address has won a million poundsterling or dollar in their sweepstakes draw that was drawn from emails address worldwide.
all of those emails came in single week. it is quite a nuisance, how come these people has bothered me with this kind of emails. surely i would not believe this kind of stuff.
a million pounds knocking at my doorsteps????
life is not easy like that ha ha ha ha :D
can you believe it if I won a million pounds ten times in just a week?
but it is quite bothering me sometime, a million pound in my bank???.
while some others claiming to be vip refugee in certain african country needs help to get their money from their bank account in europe and promise a huge sum of money,
the other forms are from numerous people claims to be the boss or the chief executive from african development bank situated somewhere in african countries,
offering me a million dollars worth of a dormant account that i can claim right away.
these really getting to my nerve. just a waste,
that what i call a junk mail in the truest sense.
my advice is never to reveal your email address to open/public site in the web,
there might be people watching for more email addresses for them to add to their mailing list,
unless you want to received thrash like i do. Some say these people has  a search engine that check emails address for them to collect. 
so watch out your inbox

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

my new blog post, on line community

Life is like a rolling stones, you do not know where it will lead you.
will you just go with the flow? just let it roll where ever it might lead you, and just enjoy it whatever it turns out to be.
life is like a rolling stone, can you actually plan or forecast what will happen the next day?
we may be able to plan ahead one step at a time, but we can not truly hold the future in our hand.
i myself never plan to have a blog in this website, but today all of sudden i am in here. 
just starting my blog, hopefully this will be my regular blog in the future.
greetings to all of you who may visit myblogspot. usually i post my blog or photo album in
so if you guys have time please visit me there, and leave comment or
would you  like to meet some cool people to chat with? please go to
we have hundreds of friendly, humourous indonesians who would like to chat with you, it is a cool site, based in the USA. and has attracted thousands of people all over the world,
it is the hottest mobile community, small enough so we can remember all the people in this site, while opera community members has reach more than 1 million.
Online community is becoming more popular these days and have become the lifestyles of million people all over the world.  I also have an account at
tell you the truth it is fun to have internet friends, where we can share and talk about everything under the sun, sharing good times and bad times. and so many cool stuff.
We may have friends somewhere in the carribean or japan, a village in India or uptown New York or up in Norway or downunder. and it is all in the palm of your hand through your mobile phone.
Well i guess that is about all i can say for the moment, have a nice day and remember SAY NO TO DRUGS. Life is so beautiful to be wasted away,      
 ps: sorry for the wrong spelling i made