Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mobile blogging is easy

Mobile blogging or uploading photo is easy nowadays, we can do it anywhere or anytime we would like to share some thing to our friends or colleagues. All we need is cellphone that support a camera and email features, take nokia N73 or SE K 800i for instance.
Make sure the gprs of your cellular service provider or email account (yahoo or gmail), already active, as this is the mean to connect to the internet, to your blog account of your choice.
Many websites provide free hosting service. I recommend or or other that provide email posting or mobile blogging.
Open an account, and write down the suggested email address to your blog.
Take your time, take a snapshot or find picture in your image file, choose send via email, write some text, CLICK SEND. It is done!
Voila, congratulations, you are officially a BLOGGER.
It is fun.
Millions of people worldwide have join this past time activities. Meet more friends, share and enjoy.

Monday, September 24, 2007

sexy babes from Aceh

Aceh, the special territory province in the northern tip of Sumatera also has its share in producing Indonesian most sensual, sexy hot babes. Being in Jakarta these lovely ladies has been uprooted from their Aceh customs toward more open free cosmopolitan life of Jakarta glamourous world where there's no taboo in showing their cleavage or self expression. They found their way among Indonesian celebrities. In my opinion I guess Cut Tari is the most sensual, she is such a dream girl to many hot blooded Indonesian men.

Bunga french kiss boyfriend

Hot steamy Bali beach, love is the air and 2 birds falling in love. It's only natural if they kissed each other passionately, under Bali hot sun nothing is impossible, 2 lovers strolling hand in hand by the beach enjoying the sunset. So beautiful. I hope everything turn out right for Bunga Lestari and Ashra Sinclair.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Artworks, unicorn, fantasy

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ratu, the queen of indonesian pop music

These 2 lovely gorgeous ladies, Maia and Mulan Kwok, are the frontgirls of Ratu, finally have to split up after sky rocketting with their glamrock songs. Easy come easy go, what a lost to their carrer, they have just started their career together. Too much internal domestic problems set in and breaking up is not hard to do, and they continue separate ways.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

FW: Chinese brush painting


I always enjoy watching Chinese paintings, because its naturalisme approach. It's familiar surrounding so intimate maybe once we have encountered during our trip in the days passed. Nature depicted in wide expanse while human and its activity merely a small dots of silhoutte swept by rugged mountain's mist. A man's life may cease to exist tomorrow, but the mountains will be here for thousands of years. It's a pure beauty of nature taken from the memories of our heart. So peaceful, so tranquil.

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FW: New american barbie doll ?

Subject: New american barbie doll ?
Date: Wed, 2007 16:03:38
From: hannyvictor ;

There seems to be never ending quest for american goddes, here today and gone tomorrow and be forgotten in the next decade. Still thousands line up for audition for the next american barbie doll. Yesterday we have Britney Spear, today we have Jessica Alba, whose next ....? Could it be this girl? Her name is Tila Tequila, she is a hot kitten on a tin roof at mating season. You will see her a lot at page 3 on your tabloid, or on the net if you prefer.
wah gw juga ngeblog pake english, biar org luar juga mampir kesitus gw. Jgn lupa kasih comment dong. Biar gw puas ada yg baca


discover Indonesia

;discover Indonesia;; ;

Fly tonight and be there tomorrow

;discover Indonesia;

Indonesia, tropical islands paradise in the east, people bath in sunlight. Smiling people greet you every where. Enjoy the hospitality as its Indonesia now

indonesian girls in action

tiara lestari in the centre. more pictures of her coming up, the hottest indonesian girl on the net.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More nude asian girls

Today more and more asian girls taking off their clothes in front of camera in man magazine pictorial shoot out, such as Playboy, Penthouse or the like or at least the copycat man magazine, or even in soft porn in search of fame and fortune.
Being naked is no longer a taboo for these girls.
Many young beautiful girls will try their luck in international modelling venture.
They want to follow the success story of Leah Donna Dizon, a Filipino american girl who reached much success in the USA and Japan as a sexy gravure model. Thousand of her pictures circling around the internet. Ms Dizon has huge male fans in Japan and has been succesfull in her modelling career and now turn to a singer in Japan music scene.
Other asian girl who has made it big in the porn business, Tera Patrick, the porn queen, is a Thai with american upbringing, has also enjoyed a huge success in her pornography career.
And so many other asian american girls has joined the stage under the spotlight.
Being young, beautiful and bold must have their own rewards of fame and fortune and plenty of opportunities to go further in their career.
Back in Indonesia, still vivid in my memories the succes story of Javanese beautiful babe, Tiara Lestari, a nude model, who made it to the pages of Playboy and Penthouse the Ultimate man magazine, and gain so many fans all over the world.
Even though her nude pictures did not officially publish in Indonesia, many of her fans still can get it from the internet, such an easy access.
Time have changed, many more Indonesian girls are willing to show off their curve publicly via a camera. Many of their naked pictures has been circulating in the internet. Some of these nude pictures even has been sold by some web publisher based in Indonesia or foreign country. But off course these customer in turn share it with other netter.
And not to mention thousand of amateur photographer also has it share in uploading these naked pictures of Indonesian girls over the net
Why is this happening? I guess there are lots of reason, what is the motive behind all of this. sure time have changed with today globalisation,
Just for fun or change in moral values?
Peer pressure or a role model?
Or simply just bored?

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