Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mulan Kwok was here

Born as Wulansari in Garut, a regency town of West Java, beautiful as she is she already has a child in her early young age and raise her child as single parent.
This young beautiful Sundanese babe apprentice days spent singing in the pub around Bandung. And her career breakthrough came when she met Maia Estianty and Danny ahmad, who later produced a score of succesful hit songs with the duo 'Ratu' a succesful glam rock . She also changed her name to Mulan Kwok, a Chinese name, of course in view of bigger music market in Asia.
But life is full of surprises, it's a rocky road to stardom, fame and fortune. Eventualy Ratu has to be disbanded prematurely, amid the hot gossip evolve around love triangle of mulan kwok, maia and dhany ahmad.
Let's skip that over to the tabloid gossip, on her own right mulan kwok or wulansari is young beautiful sexy hot babe, no wonder married guys fall head over heel for this 'mistress' . But too bad too sad for Ratu succesful music carrer. Let us wait for the drama to unfold, they gonna go the court to settle their affair. Life oh life, what is going on ?

Monday, October 01, 2007

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